What the critics say

Two Pieces for Orchestra

"...testifies to Sherman's skill and intelligence." - Het Vaderland (Kullberg), The Hague

" musically Sherman has handled the serial materials which in the hands of so many others degenerates into a puzzle construction." - Haagsche Courant (van Voorthuysen), The Hague

"...Sherman proved that he is a skilled composer." - Algemeen Dagblad, Amsterdam

Sinfonia Concertante for Bassoon and Strings

" is well made and neat" - Winnipeg Free Press (K. Winters)

"...Sherman evidenced much ingenuity and imagination." - Winnipeg Tribune (R. Mailey)

" ...was interesting as well for the way the composer divided the orchestra and played with the relationships involving both halves and the soloist." - The Globe and Mail, Canada

"...Sherman made music with energy and variability of expression." - Het Vaderland (R.Frank) The Hague

"... is a welcome addition to the bassoon repertoire." - Algemeen Dagblad, Amsterdam

Thesis for Orchestra

" speaks well for Sherman's subtle ear for orchestration and instrumental shading." - Whig Standard (D. Barber) Kingston

The Events of November 10th, 1812

" is a wonderful work and fit in beautifully with the rest of the program." - Esther Hanson, Executive Director, Regina Symphony Orchestra

" is cleverly constructed and shows a lot of imagination." - Whig Standard (L. Jones), Kingston

The Pioneers

"...The evening was a great success, due largely to your excellent reputation." - J.A.P.Thomson, Executive Director, Canadian Red Cross

Garden of Love

"...was the most interesting work of the evening...consisting of shifting spasms of tonal clusters it was always fascinating and stimulating...Sherman knows how to use an orchestra." - Winnipeg Free Press (Neil Harris)


"...the five short movements were nicely shaped, contrasted, clear and witty." - Whig Standard (Ted Bond) Kingston


"It shows a great talent and a fine sense for the idiom you have chosen." -Ernst Krenek after reading through the first movement of Two Pieces for Orchestra

"Sherman is a talented composer." - Olivier Messiaen

"This is a very good and original piece of music." - Bruno Maderna after the first performance of Through the Rainbow and/or Across the Valley

"A serious piece and very well written." - Dmitri Mitropoulos regarding Sinfonia Concertante for Bassoon and Strings

"A very strong piece." - Simon Streatfeild regarding Icthyon

"You did a magnificent job.....the more I hear it the more excited I am by it." - Giglio Dante, Director of The Theatre Dance Players of Boston, re: The Red Seed ballet.

"Norman Sherman's professional capacities, in my opinion, can't be praised highly enough. He is a first class instrumentalist, excellent musician and humanly most agreeable. It was a pleasure for me to work with him." - Geza Anda

"Norman Sherman has played solo bassoon for me whenever I conducted the Residentie-Orkest of The Hague. I was always very pleased with his playing and extremely satisfied with all the concerts I had the opportunity of giving with him. He is not only a very good bassoon player, but also an extremely conscientious musician and aware of both his instrument and all the general field of music." - Pierre Boulez